Welcoming the Growing Season


Gratitude, Blessings

28 April

8:00 am to 3:00 pm




We begin with a limpia.

Ritual space is opened,

The stones are placed.



Offerings and prayers are made for the upcoming growing season.

The fire is lit.

We enter the Temazcalli where earth, air, fire and water come together.

We are tilled like sacred soil, receiving the blessings of this ancient ritual


This is an ancient ritual of gratitude.
Gratitude that we have made it through the long winter and are, once again, able to come before the altar and welcome the growing season.

An abundant harvest begins today.

Prayers and offerings are made asking for gentle rains, sun, lack of damaging storms and whatever is needed to ensure an abundant harvest to feed our people, our families and all our relations. 

Seeds and dirt from our gardens are placed on the altar.

The cycle of the seasons comes full circle.

The ancient, sacred relationship of weather, seed, earth, us, is rekindled and celebrated.

It is a great blessing.


All are welcome.


If you would like to join us please call or email

Sign up closes on 19th of April.