Moving Deeper

Into our Fullness and Wisdom

An Invitation

To Continue

What was begun on the Solstice....




The medicine of the Temazcalli is inviting those who joined at the Solstice to come for this special Temazcalli. Not quite sure what that means, however I thought I'd pass along the invite.

As "they" say too much of a good thing is wonderful.....


Surrender, Sink.....

The last Temazcalli, to me, felt like we all were willing to surrender to the depth of our oneness, our wisdom and our essential being. Is it always a comfortable journey? For me, not so much, but I wouldn't miss it.


Becoming Who We Are.....

We can not talk our heart out of beating, the sky from being blue, the wisdom of the Temazcalli from calling us home and loving who we are. It sees us, revels in our beauty and light and thinks we are worthy and ripe to receive deep wisdom.


Please let me know if you are coming.