Appreciating the Fruits of Our Labour

August 11, 8:00



Lammas celebrates the first harvest of grain and the God Lugh.


It is the time to appreciate the fruits of our labour. The first grains are harvested in the morning and bread from summer's bounty is eaten by evening. We all know how wonderful it is to break bread with each other, especially when it is Christa's buns or John and Zsuzsa's bread!


Breaking bread with another is a gesture of honour to the other and a willingness to welcome peace. It is an unspoken acknowledgement of the abundance, gratitude and goodwill that is carried in the soul.



Lammas also honours and celebrates the God Lugh. Lugh is all about, well many things. One of his main strengths and manifestations is the truthful warrior.  Lammas is a time to honour the truthful warrior in ourselves.



Can't imagine it could get any better. On the one hand gratitude, bread and peace. On the other hand the deep selfless love of the warrior saying truthfully, "Don't even think of fucking with me or my people", and gratitude.



These two ways- hands- always remind me of the human form. The arms extend from the truck with a hand on each side of the body, the divine core that is all of us is the center. It is like Athena who welcomes one by offering the cup of peace first and at the same time holds the spear in the other hand. We, like Athena, have the ability to offer and respond in the fullness of divine flow. It is a beautiful thing



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