We will begin the ritual at 8:00 am, please arrive so you will be ready to begin at 8:00.

The stones take about 3 hours to heat, when they are ready we enter the Temazcalli.

It is a good idea to stop eating at 8:00, we all drink water up to the time we enter the Temazcalli.


What to bring --

  • A cup for the Temazcalli tea.

  • A sarong or towel to wrap around you for the Temazcalli, or whatever you feel comfortable in, shorts etc.

  • A chair for sitting around the fire.

  • Please bring your own silverware, plates, bowls, cups and serving utensils. We are not using paper plates because we don't want to add to the landfill.

  • A landing pad is where we “land” after getting out of the Temazacalli. It is a place and time where we rest, open to hearing and receiving the sacred wisdom that the Temazcalli wishes to share with us. We suggest a mat or pad, a pillow and a blanket or sleeping bag.

  • Payment for the Temazcalli -- sliding scale $50.00 to $85.00.

  • Something yummy to share for our potluck after the Temazcalli.


 Contact us or call 802-763-8156 with any questions.