Honoring our Ancestors


Saturday, October 22nd


We begin with a Temazcalli.

We lay an altar to honor our ancestors.  

We feast on foods loved by our ancestors.

 We gather to honor and remember those who have come before,

Their wisdom and stories flow once again and the Grandmothers and Grandfathers smile.

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Some bring back the knowing of our ancient ancestral medicine paths. 


Some welcome us back to the primal, timeless circle of wisdom and love to which we have always belonged.


Some give a nose or a flare for great hats.

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Some bring you into this world, nurse you, love you, scold you and give you a twinkle for your eyes.


Some bake your favorite cookies and make you feel treasured, precious and loved.


This Temazcalli is open to all.

The Temazcalli begins at 1:00, please arrive so you will be ready to begin at 1:00. 

We begin with a limpia, then open ritual space and light the fire. The stones take about 3 hours to heat, when they are ready we enter the Temazcalli.

To sign up for this Temazcalli, use our contact link or call 802 763 8156

Space is limited.

Sliding scale $50.00 to $75.00.

Overnights are $10.00.