Celebrating the Harvest

22 September 2018

9 am

What to bring for the Ritual

Pepperell Harvest 2012-1.jpg

Celebrating the harvest is about many things.......

It is the joy and relief that we have plenty to feed our family and all our relations through the up coming winter. It is also about the harvest that will feed and nourish our soul and heart through the deep winter. Sometimes it is the gratitude one feels for still being able to stand after the challenges that have been and perhaps still are being faced. 


A ritual of gratitude and celebration.


What to Bring

Something that symbolizes the gratitude, love, joy you feel for the abundance of the harvest and all of nature that has supported the richness of this growing and harvest.  It could be corn, flowers, squash, a poem, honey, it is a personal thing. 

Bring something yummy to share for the celebration feast.


Bring Some Seeds

Saving seeds for next year completes and begins anew this sacred circle of honoring and life.

These seeds will be put in the earth mound. At the spring ritual we will unearth them and everyone will receive some to plant in their gardens. It is a beautiful thing.

For this part of the ritual, please bring corn meal and/or tobacco.



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