The Art of Healing

Very practical yet sacred and divine.

Many indigenous medicine people and sacred places have shared their teachings, wisdom, initiations, medicine and healing ways with me to bring healing to our people.

Herbalist, Marakame, Granicera, Temazcallera are medicine paths and a way of life. A way of life that is very practical and yet sacred and divine.  A way that is one with the earth and deeply moved by the elements, their essences and manifestations.  

Healing takes many forms and comes in many ways, these different medicine paths come together in my healing work with people, their land, home and communities. 



One of my greatest passions is helping people find, stand in and be their wisdom and share their gifts with their people. Claiming our wisdom, our authority and having the courage to stand in our truth is a great blessing.

We work together, I support you and use my abilities to help you get where you want to go, we work in many different ways and realms.

The first visit runs about an hour and a half, subsequent visits are one hour. We'll go over your history, what's happening now and what you would like for the future. Usually by the end of the first consultation we have a good idea of what is needed and how we will proceed. 

Sliding scale of $85.00 to $150.00 per hour.


Your Land or Home  

The best and most harmonious place to build, preparing the land before major work, clearing energetic obstructions.

When the land and the spirits of place are asked and included things move forward in a fully supported effortless way.


Land and Home Clearing

Sometimes something just doesn't feel quite right. Nothing looks out of the ordinary, however there is a feeling of unsettledness or a feeling that is hard to name. Sometimes it is noticing that your gardens grow beautifully everywhere but in that one place, where everything struggles to live.  A clearing helps bring things back to balance and harmony.

Distance via Skype or Phone

Distance consultations work best if I have met you before or we meet in person for the first time.  

I do herbal and energetic consultations via skype or phone.

Becky Ryan is a gifted healer whom I recommend without reservation. Her distance healing has helped so many of my clients. She does not have to know you or have met you before she can work with you.

Becky is one of the best.  



Call or email with any questions or to inquire about a consultation. I am happy to speak with you by phone to see if our working together would be of benefit.