The Temazcalli represents creation, the sacred womb of Mother Earth. The four elements of life — earth, air, water and fire — come together to produce healing of the body, mind and spirit. A woman who walks this medicine path is called a Temazcallera.


Fire heats the stones, fire is a gateway that allows entry to the divine world and helps us communicate with the sacred.

The Temazcalli opens to the East where the sun, the god called Tonatiuh and fire come from. Tonatiuh is the light, the divine spark, the male element who comes and fertilizes the womb of Mother Earth, the Temazcalli, and life is conceived, renewed.

Water represents the thunder beings who bring so many blessings. The steam, created when a tea made from sacred herbs is poured on the stones, is known as the breath of the Grandmother, the breath of heat. The steam purifies and heals. And we begin to remember the authenticity of our sacred being.



Earth, purify my body.

Water, purify my feelings. 

Air, purify my consciousness. 

Fire, purify my being.