Many indigenous cultures have medicine people whose special gifts are related to working with weather. In Spanish a woman called to this path is referred to as a Granicera.



Don Lucio Campos Elizade was called to become a Granicero when he was struck by lightning that put him in a coma for 3 years. He talked of this time with great reverence and joy. He said that he was taken to a place that held much wisdom and joy. There he learned the medicine he tirelessly shared with us.

Don Lucio was a wonderful, humble man with a devilish twinkle in his eyes. He always said he was 86 the many years I knew him. 

He did all he could to share the lessons, medicine and teachings he had been given so we could do our work and help our people.

When he stood before his altar and prayed, it felt like the gates opened and the love and presence of all he called flooded the room and all of us.


My eyes always overflowed with tears at the sheer beauty and palpable presence of the sacred that his prayers and heart brought forth when he stood before his altar.


If you feel called to experience weather work, we would be happy to have you come to a ceremony. See our calendar for dates.